The Connection Between Sketching and Photography in Design


Design is one field where prior preparation is vital to developing a workable concept. The best designers will produce unquestionable designs while their amateur designers will leave so many details out. As a designer, you will need to sharpen your skills and think outside the box to create unique and outstanding designs that every client falls in love with. The fact however remains that a designer will have to rely on some resources for idea development. Nobody is so genius to create stuffs out of nowhere. Past experience, exposure, sketching and photography are among the essential resources. The last two have a close relationship and their role is vital in every design. Check out details below.



This basically is the art of using pencil and paper to create preliminary designs. Modern technology has been a barrier to the use of these two tools. Instead of using a pencil, you can use a mouse and a screen takes the place of a paper. While that sounds cool, it is not the best option. Sketching is speedy. Before you get your computer working, a pencil-based designer is already thinking of the last sketching bit. If you are wondering how sketching is necessary just like many modern designers, here are some reasons.

  • Get creative – when you are holding a pencil, you are free to put down anything you are thinking of. When holding a mouse, the essence of handling the mouse with care has already taken a bit of your thinking space. On a paper, you can illustrate anything on your brain. The ideas generated by the brain will be communicated to the hands for clear visuals rather than when a mouse has to come in.
  • No limits – sketching is fast, simple and convenient when done anywhere. Carrying a pencil and a notebook is easy. You don’t require charging like a computer does. You can sketch down the amazing ideas you come across in different environments for architectural health.
  • Fast communication – we all underwent preparatory schools where sketching tips were taught. It is simple for another person to understand your sketch if you use the basic sketches like those to represent people. Explaining the concept to your clients will be easy.
  • Drawing skills enhancement – for a designer to be exclusive, he has to be equipped with extra skills. Sketching might be the distinguishing factor for you. Easy illustration of ideas is key to earn clients.



Architecture photography is sweet. It expresses the inner as well as the exterior beauty of a designed structure. A designer has to learn photography skills to capture a structure from all the angles for easy understanding. Where a given structure is to be built at a certain location, a designer will have to take photos of the site first. How clear the images will be is a vital consideration when taking the photos in the first place. After designing, a photo for the future will be nice to store your work on paper.


Photography and sketching are basics of designing. There is nothing as sweet as seeing the designer develop a concept from a simple sketch and transform it to be something almost real on 3D. building such a structure then becomes easy from there.

Article inspired by the drawing tutorials featured on Homesthetics. The connection between photography and sketching, drawing should be nurtured from childhood and a simple way to ensure this is be offering the child the creative medium in which he can grow. Thoughts? Draw them in the comment section below.

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